Thanks for joining us on #TechSkillsDay
Tech skills day 2021

We hope you had a blast celebrating tech skills alongside thousands of other passionate technologists! If you want to relive Tech Skills Day or catch up on what you might've missed, check out talks from our amazing speakers below. Enjoy!

Levar Burton | Multi-talented actor

See the influence storytelling has on tech innovation and how technologists can create a more inclusive world.

April Speight | Developer Relations at Microsoft

Listen to April discuss her new children’s introductory book to Python and how she got into space computing.

Mona Chalabi | Data journalist

Mona discusses how creativity plays a role when illustrating sensitive data and so many more unique insights.

Scott Hanselman | Web developer

Learn problem solving methods every developer should know and get a breakdown of mentorship vs. sponsorship.

John Papa | Principle Developer Advocate with Microsoft

Hear about exciting upcoming evolutions in tech languages and how COVID-19 changed DevOps for the future. 

Deborah Kurata | Google Developer Expert

Get tips on how asprining software engineers can get into the industry and how to learn new techniques in Angular.

Troy Hunt | Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security

Learn about the Ubiquity security breach, how phone data should be protected and more.

Mid-show recap
with Jeremy Morgan & Cassidy Williams

Get caught up with Tech Skills Day hosts, Jeremy Morgan and Cassidy Williams as they discuss their favorite moments with guests so far and more!

Hands-on Learning

Dive into our new hands-on learning experiences to help get you prepped and certified, so you can be better equipped on your quest to success.