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Episode 01: Cloudship Enterprise

Episode 1: Cloudship enterprise

Moving to the cloud is a difficult journey that takes time, resources, and detailed planning. In contrast to this, Nebulo’s CEO decided to just—you know—wing it and hope for the best.

Episode 02: Wheel of Misfortune

Episode 2: Wheel of misfortune

Ensuring your employees have the right skills is vital and requires insight and foresight. Patty from HR decided to go with her gut on this one.

Episode 03: Fluent in Nothing

Episode 3: Fluent in nothing

When your employees all speak tech at the same level, innovation and collaboration is easy. But what happens when instead of talking tech, they start dancing it?

Episode 04: Where's Carl??!

Episode 4: Who’s Carl??!

Before Pluralsight got involved, Nebulo’s onboarding and delivery process could be summed up in just two words: Who’s Carl?

Nebulo: Lessons learned

Before Pluralsight, Nebulo had issues with everything from upskilling their team to simply delivering software. Watch Nebulo CEO, Chad Bestwich, refocus on what matters and embark on a new journey with Pluralsight. 

Nebulo, by the (fake) numbers


Software delivery efficiency


Job dissatisfaction rate


Turnover ratio

Solutions that empower you to see what’s coming

Execute on your initiatives faster and more efficiently with Pluralsight.

Cloud solutions

Build cloud talent.
Not a cardboard spaceship.

Overcome the most complex cloud challenges, build top cloud talent from within, become cloud native, and connect cloud skill development and certifications to your strategy and objectives.


of technologists need more cloud skills


of customers see results in under 6 months


of learners are new to the cloud


hands-on labs to learn by doing

Tech fluency solutions

Tech is a culture. Help your business speak the language.

Develop a baseline understanding of key technologies across your business, increase collaboration, and accelerate every touchpoint to technology with an all-new end-to-end tech fluency solution.


Digital fluency increases the likelihood of high revenue growth by 2.7x


critical technology domains


minutes or less per module


of Fortune 500 have fallen to digital disruption since 2000

upskilling and reskilling solutions

Skill up your teams.
Attract and retain talent.

Become a creator—not just a consumer—of talent. Build outcome-oriented skill development programs that prepare teams for your mission-critical projects and build your reputation as an employer of choice.


hands-on labs to learn by doing


skill assessments


expert-led courses


of the Fortune 500 upskill with Pluralsight

Software delivery solutions

Don’t ship code from the supply closet

Empower software delivery teams to ship reliable, scalable, secure code on time by ensuring teams work together effectively and have the right data-driven insights and skills.


Reduce cycle times by 35%


hour reduction in PR time to merge


increase in impact to codebase


decrease in time to resolve pull requests

Not just fake companies like Nebulo love Pluralsight

Nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Pluralsight to develop their technology workforce. 

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What real customers are saying

Their names are made up, but their problems are real.
Meet team Nebulo.

See how every role can benefit when teams adopt Pluralsight.

Chad Bestwich


Artemis Daxx


Spencer Weems

Software Designer

Patty from HR

Human Resources


Software Delivery Department

Caden Powers

System Architect

Keith Dunn

Software Designer

Margie Funston

Project Manager