Amy Coughlin

Amy Coughlin

Howdy fellow student of life! Thanks for your interest in learning more about what makes me tick. Throughout my tech career, I found that I had the most fun and the greatest satisfaction when I was helping others learn about and embrace software and related technologies. So, when I was honored to be offered a staff position as a training architect -- I realized a dream to combine my passion for technology and my passion for teaching others. I hope that the material I provide plays some small part in helping you pursue your passions, too. A leader of people, a shepherd of data -- and a follower of both -- I have more than 30 years in the tech industry, much of it focused on Microsoft stack services and databases, for both on-prem and cloud implementations. Most of my cloud experience is on Azure, with a healthy smear of AWS. As the former co-owner of a consultancy that earned Microsoft Gold Partner status, I lean heavily toward the Microsoft stack. However, when it comes to solution design, the implementation platform is merely a means to an end, so I am a firm agnostic in that regard. Like a lot of people, I entered the fray through client UI and web front-end development. I cut my cloud teeth while reducing a patent to practice; we implemented a card game paradigm in a WCF service on Azure. It was late in 2012, when interacting with Azure involved a lot of co-mentoring with erstwhile Microsoft folks. I've had my head in the cloud(s) ever since!

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