Daryl Moorhouse

Daryl Moorhouse

Daryl is a radio producer and engineer with extensive experience across all areas - concept creation, copy-writing, funding, development, recording, production, sound design and post-production among them.\r\n\r\nAs a radio producer, he has conceived and produced numerous radio series across multiple genres. These have been produced in-house by his own production company - Tinpot Productions - or in collaboration with other producers, writers and musicians.\r\n\r\nDaryl is a seasoned media lecturer with considerable experience creating and delivering radio production courses for educational institutions and organizations including DIT, IAPI, AIRPI, The Digital Hub and others. He has considerable experience with radio syndication - producing content for brands like Budweiser, Failte Ireland, Cadbury Crunchie, 3 Mobile, BT Telecoms and others.\r\n\r\nAs a voiceover artist, his voice has aired on every station in Ireland, and many other stations around the world and he has directed thousands of sessions with artists from Ireland, UK, US, Russia, Australia, South Africa and further afield. As a copywriter, he has scripted thousands of radio commercials and promos, as well as short form comedy, drama and documentary narration.

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