David Conlon

David Conlon

David first fell in love with computer graphics in 1987 when his uncle showed him MacPaint. His desire to work on feature films came quickly after seeing “Jurassic Park” and “Toy Story”. David attended Texas A&M University for an undergraduate degree in Architecture with an emphasis on visualization and fine art. Next, he went on to earn his Masters degree from the University of Southern California in Film, Animation, and Digital Arts creating 3 short films, all of which played in a handful of film festivals across the country. After graduation, David started at Sony Imageworks working on “Monster House”. David has been at Imageworks since 2005 and has been instrumental in leading look development and lighting teams as well as creating the Katana work-flows and interfacing with the shading and Arnold teams to create tools to solve the creative and technical problems that come up in every film production.

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