Frank Akrong

Frank Akrong

Frank is a Canadian Compositor living and working out of Vancouver Canada. He attended Vancouver Film School where he graduated from their Classical Animation Program. After, Frank took a Compositing Program at VanArts, graduating in 2006. A month later, Frank landed his first industry job as a Roto and Paint Artist on the Feature Film “Blades of Glory” at Rainmaker Studios. For the next 2 years Frank worked as a Feature Film Roto and Paint Artist on Movies like; The Golden Compass, Vantage Point, Invictus, and RED. Frank got his first Compositing job in 2008 at MPC working on Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”. Since then he has been happily working as a Compositor in film and television. Frank is a passionate and driven artist who strives to work on the best productions, creating the highest quality work. He loves movies, cinematography, MMA, working out, food, and music. One day, Frank hopes to take his years of compositing experience and create a high quality short and later a feature film.

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