Jeremy Willden

Jeremy Willden

Jeremy Willden started in technology at a very young age and encourages youth and kids to enter STEM careers. He anticipates potential problems early in the design cycle, saving time and money during project development. He spent five years with National Instruments, the maker of LabVIEW software and measurement hardware. His work ranged from complex analog and digital mixed-signal designs to managing the Oscilloscopes engineering group. As time went on he moved to presenting new technologies to thousands of investors, industry analysts, and customers at the annual NI Week convention. He was involved with RF and wireless product and manufacturing test systems development with MaxStream, enabling increased throughput by a factor of ten while improving quality and lowering the manufacturing cost of the products. These improvements were a key factor in the acquisition of MaxStream by Digi InternationaI. Jeremy is the co-founder of Constellation Labs, an engineering consulting firm, providing for the technical development needs of many companies in the Silicon Slopes region, across the country, and internationally. In addition to professional product development, he is an avid "maker," building multidisciplinary projects for fun. An early adopter of the Raspberry Pi and other platforms, he leverages low-cost, powerful platforms deployed globally to develop and grow the Internet of Things (IoT).

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