Jonas De Ro

Jonas De Ro

Jonas De Ro was born and raised in Gent, a small Flemish city in Belgium. In 2009 he graduated with a masters degree in traditional animation. However, shortly after completing his studies, he decided not to pursue a career as an animator. Instead, the young Belgian began traveling and working as a texture photographer, providing image resources from around the world to game and movie studios. During his spare time and inspired by his travels, Jonas began making detailed illustrations of surreal landscapes and urban sceneries. Using the famous online art community 'deviantArt,' the young artist shared his creations with the world. Before long, these works were published in several magazines and spread around on countless blogs and forums, quickly providing job opportunities. In 2011 the Wachowski siblings, creators of The Matrix trilogy, picked up on this upcoming talent and hired him to work as a concept artist on their latest science fiction films. Since then, Jonas has worked for some of the entertainment industry's leading companies, including Warner Brothers, Legendary pictures, and Wizards of the Coast.

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