Marc Tran

Marc Tran

Marc Tran is a French industrial designer. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Industrial Design, Services and Management from the International School of Design in Valenciennes, France, with first class honors. He is currently working as a freelance industrial designer and in September will join Jaguar, the prestigious British car manufacturer. Marc has gained much experience from working at high-end companies in several different countries like France, Switzerland and Denmark. He has designed industrial vehicles at Renault Trucks, tailor-made furniture at Allize Plasturgie, luxury watches at Etude de Style, and high-end automotive sound systems at Bang & Olufsen. Marc is always looking for new challenges, and he is very curious and highly motivated on every project. He is particularly interested in working on long-lasting products, creating a strong and timeless design, and using an adapted process and materials to tell a story.

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