Mark Nunnikhoven

Mark Nunnikhoven

Mark Nunnikhoven explores the impact of technology on individuals, organizations, and communities through the lens of privacy and security. Asking the question, ""How can we better protect our information?"", Mark studies the world of cybercrime to better understand the risks and threats to our digital world. As a researcher and educator, he applies this approach by helping organizations around the world use technology transform their work. This provides a unique opportunity to improve their approach to security and privacy while simplifying operations and focusing on their core goals. Mark is a forensic scientist and security leader who has spent more than 20 years helping to defend private and public systems from cybercriminals, hackers, and nation states. A sought after speaker, writer, and technology pundit, his message is simple: secure and private systems are a requirements in today's world, not a luxury. You can find Mark online @marknca and

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