Martin Mayer

Martin Mayer

Currently, Martin is focusing on 3D animation, most recently in a role of a Visual effects supervisor. He is a CGI generalist applying the state-of-the art digital techniques while building on his years of fine art experience. In his work, he usually blendx traditional analog techniques with the digital ones to fulfill the creative vision. What sets him apart, is that he doesn't specialize: He truly enjoys all the facets of a production and so he constantly keeps mastering them all: from creative to technical aspects. He is currently based in Toronto. His recent work includes numerous commercials, variety of motion graphics, and several documentaries for Discovery World, Discovery US, History US, and Canada and BBC. In his previous life, he worked as an Art Director in advertising leveraging his classical art training. He also taught at colleges in Canada and Mexico and his work was published in several magazines worldwide and in a book about Maya.

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