Scott Hecht

Scott is a statistical computer programmer specializing in SAS and SQL, but has learned many other languages such as Java, Android, C#, C, PL/SQL, R, and SPSS to name a few. His personal website,, features documents and presentations on a variety of topics he has learned over the years. Scott is also the author of "Android from A to D," which is his take on how a newbie should be taught Android programming, as well as "Poor Man's Data Dictionary," which describes how to quickly, cheaply, and painlessly create a data dictionary. Scott loves to teach and has presented several courses on beginning and advanced SAS and SQL to help programmers save time and reduce frustration. Not above running around the office humming the theme tune to "Mission Impossible" whilst pointing a banana at his colleagues, Scott believes that learning should be fun, informative, and a little bit edgy.

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