Scott McEwan

Scott McEwan

Scott McEwan is a published and award winning graphic artist. He has a very strong background in traditional arts, being tutored by a published traditional artist from the age of 5. He has always had a keen interest in all things 'art'. He has also worked in almost every art medium out there, from simple sketches (recently attending an advanced Pencil Arts Class), to oil and canvas, and even Photography since the early 1980's. He attended, as part of his tenure in past years as a Decorating Center Manager, various courses in Interior Design, along with 'The Psychology of Color' by the Wagner Institute of Color. His Digital Graphic Art is all self taught, which he discovered he had a love for in 2004 with his 'discovery' of 3D through free programs such as Daz Studio, Blender, and Wings. He has always attempted to 'meld' his background of traditional arts and media with his work as a Graphic Artist. Scott also has a background in the US Navy, serving aboard several Nuclear Fast Attack Submarines as an Advanced Maintenance Technician for the on-board Attack Sonar Suite. In the Navy, he was instructed in, and excelled at, advanced micro-electronics and computer technology. The rigors and training of life aboard a US Navy Submarine, he believes, has added to his attention to detail in his graphic arts. Previous work as well in the construction industry has also added to his ability to create detailed and believable 3D Models. He is currently serving as the Head of the Graphic Design Department and Lead Animator of a Multimedia Advertising Firm.

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