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There’s an evolution happening at Pluralsight. A rebirth of sorts. For the first time, we’re able to meet technology learners where they are—not only in their physical location, but in their understanding of a concept and in the style of learning they need right now. From on-demand courses and real-time mentoring to guided paths and skill measurement, we’re changing the way technology professionals and teams learn, evolve and deliver.

And to do this? To make this happen? We’ve been burning a lot of midnight oil lately to give you and your teams the best end-to-end learning experience imaginable. You’re constantly growing, adapting and progressing in this ever-changing tech landscape, so why wouldn’t we? Say hello to a completely new learning experience.

The world’s first technology learning platform

Historically, almost all tech training happened through in-person, instructor-led training. You’d attend a seminar. You’d participate in classroom-based training. And you showed up in person to learn the same thing as everyone else. And while instructor-led training offered a huge set of benefits, that was then.

Today, technology and corporations evolve so quickly, an in-person training once or twice a year is no longer enough. It’s expensive and can’t scale fast enough for teams to keep up—you already know this. Businesses are also looking for solutions that don’t just train their teams, but allow teams to assess skills and get help, fast. That’s why we built the Pluralsight technology learning platform.

Our technology learning platform is an end-to end experience in three ways:

1. Learn by watching and doing

Our content library really is 10 feet wide, but 50,000 feet deep. We laser-focus on the needs of technology teams, because they require that kind of specialization. Our internal curriculum team works with the best experts in the world to bring you unmatched content and expertise on-demand.

In early 2015, we acquired Code School to give you another way to learn through interactive, in-browser coding experiences that help you break down the basics. And the best part for teams? We’ve made Code School access completely free so your team can skill up using a business plan.

And then there are paths, which allow for guided learning at its best. The path experience gives each team member a clear-cut, expert-validated route to increase proficiency. Here’s what is ready for your teams today:

  • Skill paths - From talking with customers, we found that many professionals are already proficient devs, IT pros and creatives, they just want to skill up in their respective areas or move into an adjacency. You look to skill paths to tell you where to start.

  • Certifications paths - If you work in IT ops, you know that certifications are an important part of validating your skills. We now offer paths on leading certs, including Cisco CCNA, Ethical Hacking, MCSA and more

2. Accelerate learning with 1:1 real-time mentoring

Everyone gets stuck. Everyone needs helps sometimes. Everyone wants to get smarter, faster. In the past, you’d get help by raising your hand during classroom or lab instruction or by asking a coworker. But that doesn’t help when you have a specific question right now, and you don’t know someone who understands what you’re going through. Or, maybe you just want to accelerate your learning potential. That’s why we added real-time mentoring to our platform—to connect you virtually with a qualified expert via screen share, video chat and more. Our on-demand mentoring algorithmically matches you to a practicing professional who knows how to solve the problem you’re stuck on.

Mentoring fills the void of that personalized, one-on-one human interaction that’s lacking in most online learning and discussion forums. And it’s more about the quality of service you receive from the individual, which is why we built a platform that allows you to make that connection. So, juxtapose this next to Uber: people don’t rate the technical side of the application. They rate the actual human connection: the driver. The same goes for mentoring. What we care about most is the human connection that’s made once you’re matched with a mentor. Did mentoring meet your expectations and solve your problem? Sure. But did you feel like it was meaningful? We hope so.

Read more about how mentoring works with these firsthand accounts.

3. Measure your skills in a fast and accurate way

Our skill measurements are unlike anything else out there. In as little as 20 questions and five minutes, they tell you where your knowledge gaps exist within a specific skill and where you need to start learning. Questions are developed by industry experts (like our authors) and adapt with user feedback, so you know they’re always accurate. And as technology evolves and questions become stale, the tests are updated to ensure results continue to be relevant.

Learn more about the science behind these tests here.

Our technology learning platform in action

A technology learning solution that drives innovation and keeps business moving

The education industry is at a crucial point in time. The market is reorganizing around how to solve the skills gap, and with technology changing faster now than ever before, businesses need all the help they can get to maintain their edge. And our platform does just that, in the macro sense, while also helping companies with some of their most pressing issues: how they hire new employees, switch technology stacks and so much more. It enables tech-centric teams and businesses to tackle learning and problem solve at the speed of technology.

Building this platform has been a true labor of love—one we’ve researched, tested, built and rebuilt time and time again. It’s not just courses or content; it’s an experience. A platform like this has the power to create a community and culture of learners all over the world, working together to push the possibilities of technology even further. We hope you’ll join us.

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Nate Walkingshaw

Nate is the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of Pluralsight. Obsessed with how products are built and the teamwork it takes to build them, Nate has had the opportunity to invent and build products that consumers love, all while working with some of the greatest people.