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Topology Fundamentals in 3ds Max

by Jayesh Ranavaya

What sets a good 3D modeler apart from a great one? The use of topology! In this course, you will understand how important a role topology plays when 3D modeling within 3ds Max and learn the skills to ensure your 3D models are clean and efficient.

What you'll learn

The use of topology is a key skill you'll want to master in order to become a truly great 3d modeler. In this course, Topology Fundamentals in 3ds Max, you'll look at what topology is, how it is used, and the specific issues and solutions surrounding it. First, you will focus on analyzing varying types of topology and why you might use them. Then, you will explore how different modeling techniques impact topology and how to deal with problems such as kites and poles. Finally, you will learn about how to use topology for animation purposes. When you’re finished with this course, you will have a deeper understanding of how great 3d modelers work with topology, as well as best practices to use in your own modeling work. Software Required: 3ds Max 2018

About the author

Jayesh is a highly motivated and passionate 3D Artist with the ability to develop high quality 2D/3D assets, life like 3D characters and animations, as well as having a solid understanding of game art and processes. He possesses the artistic expertise and technical ability required to create visually stimulating content that will intensify game playability. He has an extensive knowledge of software such as 3ds Max, Photoshop, and the Unreal Engine. Jayesh has been developing his skills as a 2D a... more

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