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Access Controls for SSCP®

by Kevin Henry

This course will teach you the concept of access controls and identity management. It is a core subject addressed in the SSCP® examination and requires comprehension and applicability of access control concepts and implementation.

What you'll learn

The access controls portion of the SSCP® exam is a challenging subject to master. In this course, Access Controls for the SSCP® , you’ll learn to understand and implement access controls and identity management. First, you’ll explore the concepts of access control. Next, you’ll discover the identity management lifecycle. Finally, you’ll learn how to maintain trust relationships between networks and third parties. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of access control theory and implementation needed to prepare for the SSCP® certification examination and to support your security career.

About the author

Kevin Henry is a passionate mentor and educator in the fields of information security and audit. Mixing experience with knowledge, Kevin delivers effective training programs for companies and individuals worldwide. A frequent speaker at prestigious conferences, Kevin is known for a clear understandable manner of imparting practical information and explaining difficult topics.

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