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Administering Active Directory Objects with PowerShell

by Mike Hammond

Transform slow, error prone, graphical administration of Active Directory into efficient, repeatable PowerShell commands.

What you'll learn

Learn to manage the components of your Active Directory domain with simple command-line statements. Effortlessly find and manipulate users, computer accounts, groups, and organizational units, while reducing the workload on your domain controllers! Join Microsoft Certified Trainer Mike Hammond in this informative and fun exploration of ways to make your IT Administration tasks faster and easier!

About the author

Mike Hammond is a seasoned technical trainer with 15 years of experience delivering technical content. His focus is on Windows Server administration, having taught classes on NT 4 through the present release. Mike likes to find ways to accomplish more with less personal effort, primarily with the help of automation technologies like Windows PowerShell! Mike began his IT career at age 6, typing 10 PRINT HI into his TI-994A personal computer in Western Massachusetts, and received a bachelor of sci... more

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