Expanded Library

ADO.NET Fundamentals

by Herve Roggero

Overview of ADO.NET including SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlDataAdapter.

What you'll learn

Introduction to ADO.NET with an overview of many SqlClient objects, concurrency and transaction management overview, Transient Fault Handling Application Block, performance considerations and dealing with XML data.

Table of contents

ADO.NET Overview
Transient Fault Handling with ADO.NET
Performance Considerations with ADO.NET

About the author

Herve Roggero, Windows Azure MVP and co-author of PRO SQL Server 2012 Practices, is the founder of Blue Syntax Consulting (http://www.bluesyntax.net/). Herve’s experience includes software development, architecture, database administration and senior management with both global corporations and startup companies. Over the last 15 years, Herve has worked in the Education, Financial, Health Care, Management Consulting and Database Security sectors. He holds multiple certifications, including an MC... more

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