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Implement Geospatial Analytics with Alteryx

Alteryx is a state of the art BI solution to garner enriching insights from the dataset for varied set of case-studies. This course will teach you the importance of geospatial analysis using Alteryx.

What you'll learn

Alteryx serves multiple client needs such as measuring distance between points, route optimization or trade area analysis. In this course, Implement Geospatial Analytics with Alteryx, you’ll learn to grasp the Spatial functionality within Alteryx. First, you’ll explore how to convert input data coordinate to a point within a map. Next, you’ll discover how to visualize the same on a designer workflow using browse functionality on a Map. Finally, you’ll learn how to use polygons, discover truck routes on a map and calculate distances across points. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of geo-spatial analysis needed to do spatial analysis on a map using logistics chain data coordinates.

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