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Fundamentals of Transitioning an Android App from Java to Kotlin

by Markus Neuhoff

Kotlin is a powerful development language for Android apps. This course will teach you how to migrate an existing Android app written in Java to Kotlin. You will learn how to transition existing components as well as writing new features in Kotlin.

What you'll learn

Remaining up-to-date with emerging technologies is a key priority for developers and technical leaders alike. In May 2019, Google transitioned from Java to Kotlin as the preferred language for Android development. In this course, Fundamentals of Transitioning an Android App from Java to Kotlin, you’ll learn why and how to migrate from Java to Kotlin. First, you’ll learn the different approaches to migrating an existing app from Java to Kotlin and how to determine which one fits your use case. Next, you’ll discover how to migrate existing pieces of your app. This will include foundational parts of your application such as models, networking, and dependency injection. You will also learn how to transition features including UI components. Finally, you'll write a brand new feature in Kotlin to understand the now lower barrier to entry. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of transitioning an app from Java to Kotlin.

About the author

Markus is enthusiastic about using technology to solve problems and sharing that knowledge with others. After nearly a decade of .NET development, Markus made the transition to leadership, providing mentorship and technical guidance to a large team. Additionally, he continues to bridge the gap between technologists and business stakeholders. Leveraging a broad background in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Public Safety, and Higher Education, he is able to assess technology’s true i... more

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