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Android: Room Fundamentals

by Annapurna Agrawal

Dealing with local storage of data in an extendable way has always been a challenge, but Google has introduced a new option: Room. You will learn how to deal with the database for local storage in an easy way without hampering the user experience.

What you'll learn

Designing a robust, testable, and maintainable app, as well as having local storage of data in an extendable way is what every developer aims for. Google has provided a new database library, which eliminates almost all the challenges while using SQLite. In this course, Android: Room Fundamentals, you will learn foundational knowledge of using Room for your Android apps and gain the ability to design a full-fledged app with local storage. First, you will get a walkthrough of the foundational concepts required for Room, which includes the architectural components such as lifecycle-aware components, ViewModel, and LiveData. Next, you will explore how to add Room into your Android app and perform CRUD operations. Finally, you will learn how to use repository pattern for codebase, writing migrations, and storing complex data in the database using TypeConverters. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of using Room in your app.

About the author

Annapurna is a full stack developer, who has now been playing around with Kotlin, PHP, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. She is a software engineer from India and likes teaching and has years of experience in web and mobile development. She is one of the trainers in the Google Developers Group at Bhubaneswar, Odisha in India and also the lead of the Google WomenTechMaker Group Bhubaneswar. Besides all this, she practices yoga and meditation, YouTubing, and hanging out with friends. You are definitely going... more

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