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Angular Denver '19: The Facade of NgRx Facades

by Angular Denver

Angular Denver 2019 | The Facade of NgRx Facades | Mike Ryan & Brandon Roberts

What you'll learn

The facade pattern with NgRx claims to offer developers a way to encapsulate NgRx concerns and keep them separate from your component layer. In this talk, Mike Ryan and Brandon Roberts will dive into facades to investigate if facades are really just a facade or if there is a facade pattern that is the facade of all facades.

Table of contents

The Facade of NgRx Facades

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Angular Denver is the coolest Angular conference east of the Continental Divide! Angular developers come from all over to spend two days learning, connecting, and having fun. With around 50 different topics, including authentication, facades, observables, and accessibility and inclusivity in development, there is something for everyone to level-up their developing skills.

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