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May 6, 2013
1h 9m

In this set of MotionBuilder tutorials, we will learn how to animate props inside of MotionBuilder. We'll start by learning how to work with MotionBuilder's animation layering system to alter the character's performance in order for it naturally interact with our prop. We'll then learn how to seamlessly attach the prop to the character, and then how to make the prop a rigid body so that it can fall naturally as the character lets go of the object. We'll also learn how to bake and export the entire animation from MotionBuilder for use in other software. By the end of this set of lessons, you'll be equipped with the skill-set needed to confidently animate character interactions with props in MotionBuilder. Software required: Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013.

Course FAQ
Course FAQ
What is MotionBuilder?

MotionBuilder is a 3D character animation software from Autodesk that allows you to capture, edit, and play back complex animation in an interactive environment. It is mostly used for motion capture, cinematography, and traditional keyframe animation.

What will I learn in this course?

In this MotionBuilder course you will learn how to animate props inside of MotionBuilder. Some of the main topics covered include:

  • How to approach animating with props
  • Animating the character that will interact with the prop
  • Animating the character's hand
  • Attaching the prop to the character
  • Using the physics solver
  • Baking the prop animation
  • Exporting the props
  • Much more
Who should take this course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to animate props in MotionBuilder, or anyone who just wants to learn more about MotionBuilder in general.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

This is an intermediate level course, so it assumes at least a basic understanding of MotionBuilder and/or 3D character animation prinicples.

What software do I need for this course?

These tutorials are based off of Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013, but the principles and techniques should be applicable to newer versions as well.

About the author
About the author

Delano works avidly as an animation author at Pluralsight. Starting his career at animation studios like Shilo, Delano has developed a strong passion for his talents. His animation and rigging background help him teach and create some of the most-watched training on Pluralsight.

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