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Jul 14, 2016
2h 26m

Finite element analysis means simulating nature, therefore giving you insight into the world you live in and enriching your life. This course, Introduction to ANSYS, is an introduction to using ANSYS finite element software. First, you will start by modeling a lifting lug component and solve your first 3D finite element model. Then, you will explore the user interface, creating your first 3D model, and setting up the loads and boundary conditions. Finally, you'll view the results and ensure the safety of the component under the given loads. After watching this course, you'll know the basics of how to navigate through the ANSYS interface and be equipped with the tools to develop and analyze your own models. Software required: ANSYS v17.0.

About the author
About the author

Joseph Daly is a graduate from McGill University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He has over 7 years of experience in CAD software including SOLIDWORKS and Autocad and 5 years of Experience in ANSYS FEA.