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App Repackaging Using Orca

by John O'Neill Sr.

Installing software is a requirement for all IT pros. This course will introduce customizing Windows Installer packages through the use of Microsoft Orca to ease software installations for organizations of any size.

What you'll learn

Users rely on software, so it's the IT pro's responsibility to ensure that software is installed and maintained reliably. Unfortunately, these tasks can quickly consume too much time if the old click, click, next approach is followed. This course, App Repackaging Using Orca, will introduce software customization concepts allowing any IT pro to automate, standardize, and validate software installation packages. First, you will learn the basics of the Windows Installer and its .MSI installation packages. Next, you'll see how to explore the customizable properties available within a package. Finally, you get to meet Microsoft's Orca tool and learn how it's used to edit .MSI files, producing a customized deployment package. When finished with this course, you'll have the skills necessary to turn a click, click, next software installation into a fully automated, silently installed solution.

About the author

During his 20+ years in the IT industry, John has enjoyed the opportunity to work as a consultant, architect, executive, speaker, and author. He's been involved in multi-national networking, messaging, and communications projects as well as finding solutions for small mom and pop shops allowing them to use technology to increase business opportunity and decrease operational complexity. John is a contributing editor for the Petri IT Knowledgebase. In addition, he has authored material for both Th... more

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