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Application Analysis with Endlessh 1

by Laurentiu Raducu

In this course, you'll learn how to protect your SSH server against service flood attacks using Endlessh.

What you'll learn

Endlessh is an effective tool that protects your SSH server from attacks by acting as a decoy and tricking the potential attackers. In this course, Application Analysis with Endlessh, you'll learn how to utilize Endlessh to protect against service exhaustion flood attacks in an enterprise environment. First, you'll demonstrate how Endlessh should be configured. Next, you'll conduct a service flood attack on an SSH server. Finally, you'll analyze how Endlessh is trapping attackers by slowly sending random SSH banners. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to use these techniques of creating a decoy system using Endlessh, in order to avoid automated attacks against your SSH server.

About the author

It all began in highschool, when Laurentiu first started his path in the computer science journey. Initially he started with C++, and fell in love quickly with the prospect of learning to develop software. Thanks to his passion for chess, his first computer program was a console-based ASCII chess game developed in C++. After a while, during university, Laurentiu started to experiment with other OOP programming languages, like Java, Kotlin or Python. He started to play with different tech stacks ... more

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