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Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using Spring AOP and AspectJ

by Eberhard Wolff

A1 pragmatic introduction to aspect oriented programming using the most popular tools on the Java platform: Spring AOP and AspectJ. It focuses on solving typical problems in Java application using AOP. Also AOP helps to make the architecture part of your application.

What you'll learn

Aspect Oriented Programming is a powerful tool. Almost every Spring application uses it to support features like security or transactions - but it is often not used to its full power. This course shows all the aspects that come with Spring out of the box - for example tracing or performance logging - how you can create your own aspects to support e.g. auditing or exception handling and simplify your application in the process. And you even learn how you can use AOP to define your architecture!

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About the author

Eberhard Wolff is one of the initial members of the Java Champions, and author of several articles and three books including the first German book on Spring. Eberhard is also a regular speaker at international conferences. His main areas of interest are software architecture, Java, Spring, NoSQL and Cloud. He has worked in positions ranging from developer to consultant, trainer and technical management positions. He has served as a member of the program comittee of conference such as GOTOcon Be... more

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