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Building ASP.NET Web API OData Services

by Brian Noyes

This course covers how to use ASP.NET Web API to build data services based on the OData protocol, including OData query syntax and OData message formatting.

What you'll learn

The OData protocol is an open multiplatform standard for exposing data via REST-based HTTP services for querying and updating. The ASP.NET Web API has been extended to allow you to easily build services that enable the OData query syntax on top of whatever formatting you choose for your payloads, or to do full-blown OData with both the query language and OData-compliant formatting. This course will teach you how to implement OData query support and OData formatting for round-trip CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) operations on resource collections exposed using Web API services. You will first learn some fundamentals about ASP.NET Web API services, REST, and OData. Then you will learn about OData query syntax and how to easily implement it in your services. Then you will learn how to define Entity Data Models to support the full OData navigation syntaxes, and add OData formatters to turn your services into fully compliant OData services. Finally you will get some exposure to calling those services from .NET and JavaScript clients.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Brian Noyes is CTO and Architect at Solliance (, an expert technology solutions development company. Brian is a Microsoft MVP and specializes in client application architecture, full stack web development, cloud and microservice architecture. Brian has authored several books and dozens of technology publication articles, including Developer's Guide to Microsoft Prism 4, Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0, and Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce. Brian got started programmin... more

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