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Auditing IIS Web Servers for Security and Best Practices

by Peter Kyrannis

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. Microsoft IIS is used to serve web sites around the world. This course will teach you how to audit your server's security and mitigate common insecure configurations as well as reduce your attack surface.

What you'll learn

With more services being offered online and the growing electronic storage of personal data, cyber-attacks are also on the rise. Installing a web server may be as easy as a few simple clicks, but is it safe? In this course, Auditing IIS Web Servers for Security and Best Practice, you'll learn how to audit your web server's system security and how to reduce the risk of your site and data being compromised. First, you'll learn how to audit your HTTPS usage and lower your attack surface. Then, you'll learn how to protect against well-known vulnerabilities. Finally, you'll learn how to build a rock-solid configuration that draws upon best practices and mitigation techniques against common attacks. Upon course completion, you'll have the skills and knowledge to audit and secure your web server against online threats.

About the author

Peter is an affiliate of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) and has provided security focused infrastructure solutions to a range of industry sectors. With over 10 years’ experience, he has acquired the skills of a Technical Information Security Officer (TISO) by hardening and remediating vulnerabilities affecting servers running Windows, Linux, IBM iSeries, SQL, and cloud platforms for the purpose of credit card payment security and ensured compliance with PCI DSS, Cyber... more

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