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AWS CloudFormation Stacks and Automation: Best Practices

by Ryan H. Lewis

CloudFormation is one of the most complex and useful tools in AWS. This course will teach you the best ways to organize, secure, and maintain your CloudFormation templates and stacks.

What you'll learn

Working with CloudFormation can be confusing and complex, especially considering the depth and breadth of its impact in AWS. In this course, AWS CloudFormation Stacks and Automation: Best Practices, you’ll learn the secrets to using CloudFormation the best way. First, you’ll explore how to secure and organize your templates. Next, you’ll discover how to modularize your templates. Finally, you’ll learn how to efficiently update and maintain your stacks. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of CloudFormation needed to use CloudFormation with the most secure, maintainable, and efficient best practices.

About the author

Ryan Lewis is a Software Engineer who specializes in ambitious single page web applications. He started building websites over 15 years ago to promote his bands and record label. After traveling around the world playing music, he brought his talents to the Pacific Northwest, where he utilizes open-source technologies, such as Backbone, Ember, and Node.js, to build business intelligence and customer facing applications for companies such as Expedia and T-Mobile. In his current position, he works ... more

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