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Modern Data Warehousing at Scale Using Azure Data Factory

by Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN 2019 | Modern Data Warehousing at Scale Using Azure Data Factory | Shirley Wang

What you'll learn

Data is essential in empowering every enterprise's journey in digital transformation. The ability to bring together datasets across the silos to derive deep insights is key to business success. Whether you are an enterprise or an ISV, you need robust and scalable data integration capability to create a variety of data pipelines to modernize your data warehouse. In this session, Shirley Wang will showcase how to use Azure Data Factory to build secure and highly performant ETL/ELT pipelines. We will cover key challenges, common patterns, and best practices based on real-world customer case studies. There will also be demos so you can see how to build, operationalize, and monitor pipelines in a code-free manner. The key objectives are: To understand the target scenarios for using ADF, to understand key design patterns and best practices when building analytics solutions using ADF, to develop an understanding of the application model, and how to get started with ADF.

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Modern Data Warehousing at Scale Using Azure Data Factory

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