The Next Generation of Data Architecture

by Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN 2019 | The Next Generation of Data Architecture for Insights at the Speed of Thought and How to Get There in One Piece | Pradeep Bhanot

What you'll learn

Modern use cases, such as Customer Journey and Hyper Personalization, have blurred the boundaries between operational and analytics systems. The legacy operational databases and enterprise data warehouses find it challenging to keep up with the demands in terms of agility, variety, and playing in an ecosystem of open source, ML and cloud data platforms where everything is consumed as a service. Understand how a next gen hybrid data architecture with a cloud data warehouse as its foundation, unifies the operational and analytics capabilities to help deliver on modern use cases. Learn what the key capabilities of how to implement a next generation hybrid cloud data warehouse that is agile enough to address the changing needs, flexible to give you the best cost for performance and help you leverage with existing IT investments. Gain insight in how to successfully migrate from legacy data warehouses from Netezza, Teradata and Oracle Exadata. In addition, Pradeep Bhanot will also address the needs and demands of personas like data scientists, business analysts, IT users, and business users who bring unique hyper personalization requirements to tomorrow’s data architecture.

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The Next Generation of Data Architecture

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