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Ruby on Rails: The Big Picture

by Olivier Lacan

This course covers what Ruby on Rails is, why it’s still one of the most versatile, productive, and pleasant tools to build modern web applications, and how you can use it today to build your ambitious next project.

What you'll learn

Join this fast-paced introduction to the Ruby on Rails web framework to help you discover why GitHub, AirBnB, and Shopify trust it for their own apps. In this course, Ruby on Rails: The Big Picture, you’ll learn how Rails can empower you to build modern web applications from scratch. First, you’ll explore what Rails actually is — an opinionated and full-stack development framework. Next, you’ll discover why Rails still stands apart from many web development frameworks nearly two decades after making its début. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Rails to build a basic web application and the surprisingly few steps involved. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand Ruby on Rails conventions, tools, and concepts enough to start building your own Rails application.

About the author

Olivier likes to use computers to help people and not the other way around. He worked at Code School for many years as a course instructor and platform tech lead. He created to improve open source project communication and Keep a Changelog to make version releases more accessible to humans. He's the weird one who stops in the middle of a book to figure out the etymology of a cool new word because the reason why things are the way they are matters. Olivier's day job at Pluralsight a... more

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