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Introduction to Rendering with Cycles in Blender

by Mark Masters

An introductory look at Blender's powerful cycles rendering engine.

What you'll learn

This Blender course covers rendering with cycles. We'll start out by first showing how to setup cameras. Then we'll cover how to use the Cycles interactive viewport rendering feature, which lets you preview changes to a render in real-time. We'll discuss the different lamp types and the main attributes of each one. We'll also cover the Cycles Emission shader and how it can be used to convert geometry into sources of illumination. Beyond that, some of the things you will learn in this course are how to setup image-based lighting, using the subsurface scattering shader, the importance of render passes and render layers, and the differences between the two. You'll learn vital techniques for optimizing a render in cycles, to cut the time of a render in half without sacrificing on the final quality of the image. We'll build on each concept to create a final render of a creative's workstation.

Table of contents

About the author

Mark started out with an interest in animation at an early age, and it eventually transformed into a passion for the subject. Mark made an impact on the industry quickly, working for Pluralsight (Digital-Tutors) as an Animation and Rigging Instructor. After his time at Pluralsight, he joined Steelehouse Productions as a 3D Animator, where he worked on a wide range of projects. Currently, he is working as an animator on the popular children's series Floogals for NBC Sprouts. Apart from that, he's... more

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