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Build Excel Add-ins with Office JS APIs

by John Brown

This course will teach you how to leverage the web technologies you already know and the power of Microsoft Office to create powerful solutions for both the enterprise and end users.

What you'll learn

At the core of Excel Add-ins, for Office 365 and Office Desktop, is a thorough knowledge of the Excel Object Model. In this course, Build Excel Add-ins with Office JS APIs, you'll learn how to build your own Excel Add-in. First, you'll learn about asynchronous programming with the Excel Object Model. Next, you'll discover User Experience Design with the Office Fabric UI. Finally, you'll explore the specifics of building tables and charts. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of Excel Add-ins that will help you as you move forward to building add-ins for your organization and the Microsoft Office Store.

About the author

John Brown is a Software Craftsman continually looking for intuitive designs, agile architectures, and streamlined processes. With degrees in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins and Aerospace Engineering from Purdue, John is always up for a challenge, especially in his areas of interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a Software Architect, he has built systems for small startups in the healthcare space to large mission critical systems for three letter Federal Agencies. He c... more

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