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Build Your First SwiftUI App in Under 90mins

by Nick Walter

SwiftUI is Apple's new reactive framework for creating apps. This course will teach you build a ToDo List app that will help you learn the basics of SwiftUI design via views and modifiers, data bindings, and data storage.

What you'll learn

SwiftUI is Apple’s new reactive framework that makes creating apps a breeze. In this course, Build Your First SwiftUI App in Under 90mins, you’ll create your very own ToDo List app completely in SwiftUI. First, you’ll explore views and modifiers. Next, you’ll discover controls and data bindings. Finally, you’ll learn how to saving and read data in SwiftUI. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of SwiftUI needed to make your very own apps.

About the author

Hi! Meet Nick. He loves to code. About seven years ago he decided that he wanted to learn to code, but had limited access to programming resources, and he was getting frustrated with all of the YouTube videos and online tutorials out there. He experimented, struggled, and definitely failed a lot, but he finally got the hang of it, so he decided that he wanted to change the way that people learned to code, and he started teaching. His experience as an online student has directly influenced his te... more

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