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Nov 6, 2019
1h 57m

There are lots of Excel VBA developers out there, and they’re all creating great Excel applications, but are they all structuring their code correctly? If you want to know about good code structure and how to make your code more reusable, this is the course to watch! In this course, Building Your First VBA Module, you'll use a pre-built application to learn about the three types of module VBA supports – Standard, Object, and Class. First, you’ll learn about the differences between them and when you might use each type of module. Next, the course takes a deep dive into class modules, outlining how to design and build a class module, how to use module events, and how to expose properties with getters, setters, and letters. You’ll also see how to test your code and how to extend your class module’s capabilities with external references. Finally, once you know how to build class modules, the course shows you how to use them, integrating the class module with a user form to build a completely custom user interface. You’ll find out how to add controls to user forms, as well as how to manipulate them via VBA. When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to take your VBA skills to the next level! Software required: Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio.

About the author
About the author

Mike loves to mess around with data and programming problems, the bigger the better. He’s worked with a variety of companies, helping to build and improve systems of all shapes and sizes.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hello there. Welcome to Pluralsight. My name is Mike McQuillan, and this course is all about Building Your First VBA Module. Maybe you know a bit about VBA and use it fairly regularly or you're wondering if you could improve the way you use it. Guess what? You can. This is just the course you are looking for as it will teach you all about modules, something only the hottest VBA developers know about. You'll learn what modules are and why they are used. There are three different types of modules, and the course explains all of them. You've probably used standard and object modules before. But if you've just skimmed the surface of VBA, there's a strong chance you haven't utilized class modules, which is fortunate as we discuss them in depth during this course. You'll see how to build a class module from start to finish, beginning with the design and moving on to in-depth development. You'll find out all about properties, public and private methods, events, and even testing your code. Exhausted yet? Well, keep up because there's more. The course concludes by showing how to use your shiny new class module in an Excel application, integrating it with a user-defined form. You'll discover how to create a form and how to add controls and code to forms. By the time this course is finished, you'll wonder how you ever developed a VBA without using modules. You'll have all the skills you need to create your own mega tool modules. I can't wait to see you at the course. Thanks for watching.