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Building Your First VBA Module

by Mike McQuillan

Visual Basic for Applications and Excel. What a combination! They can do lots of magical things, but just writing VBA code isn’t enough; you need to write efficient code. VBA modules help you do that, and this course will teach you how to use them!

What you'll learn

There are lots of Excel VBA developers out there, and they’re all creating great Excel applications, but are they all structuring their code correctly? If you want to know about good code structure and how to make your code more reusable, this is the course to watch! In this course, Building Your First VBA Module, you'll use a pre-built application to learn about the three types of module VBA supports – Standard, Object, and Class. First, you’ll learn about the differences between them and when you might use each type of module. Next, the course takes a deep dive into class modules, outlining how to design and build a class module, how to use module events, and how to expose properties with getters, setters, and letters. You’ll also see how to test your code and how to extend your class module’s capabilities with external references. Finally, once you know how to build class modules, the course shows you how to use them, integrating the class module with a user form to build a completely custom user interface. You’ll find out how to add controls to user forms, as well as how to manipulate them via VBA. When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to take your VBA skills to the next level! Software required: Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Express, SQL Server Management Studio.

About the author

Mike is a polyglot architect/developer who loves to mess around with data. He runs a consultancy company in the UK, helping organizations to build better systems and databases. Mike is married and has one daughter and two dogs, Dolly and Bertie. They keep his feet warm when he's working on courses and articles. Mike has written a book on SQL Server and writes regular articles for He also likes collecting old computers like the Commodore 64 and Sinclair Spectrum. No, he doe... more

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