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Building End-to-end Multi-client Service Oriented Applications - AngularJS Edition

by Miguel Castro

This course will take you through the development of a service oriented application from beginning to end and will include multiple types of clients.

What you'll learn

It seems to me that the longer I stay in this business, the shorter the time between new technology releases. There's enough stuff out there in the development world to keep us both excited and overwhelmed. Learning new tech has become easier with the all the information available to us, especially in the way of these Pluralsight courses. But learning how to use a technology and learning how to properly implement it or integrate it with other technologies can be a whole different ballgame. Service-Oriented systems have become mainstream, but designing applications in a service-oriented fashion require a different look on the components that make it up as well as technologies to support the architecture. This course will bring it all together for you by building on knowledge you have on technologies like WCF, Web API, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and AngularJS and going from A to Z on the architecture, design, development, and testing of a complete system. And this system will not only use a multitude of technologies in the middle-tier, but will also be consumed by different UI clients on the web and the desktop. Know how to write services in WCF and Web API, but want to see some real-world implementation from both MVC and WPF clients, then this course is for you. Want to know how to implement dependency injection from the middle tier to the various UIs, then this course is for you. Want to write decoupled, testable software, then this course is for you. The final set of applications can be used as a skeleton and framework for any SOA-based system you write going forward, and the techniques used in its development will become part of your development arsenal forever.

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About the author

Whether playing on the local Radio Shack's TRS-80 or designing systems for clients around the globe, Miguel has been writing software since he was 12 years old. He insists on staying heavily involved and up-to-date on all aspects of software application design & development, and projects that diversity onto the type of training and consulting he provides to his customers and believes that it’s never just about understand the technologies, but how technologies work together. Miguel is a Microsoft... more

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