Expanded Library

Building State Machines in .NET

by Alexander Wechsler

Flexible infrastructure for your project! Jump in to get more robust, scalable and extensible!

What you'll learn

State machines very often hide in applications and technical systems we are using every day, without being aware of it. This course uses a pragmatic and simple approach to lead you into the exciting world of state machines. Get a taste of the power and flexibility of this architectural concept. You'll never want to miss it again!

About the author

Alexander Wechsler has been working many years doing project and partner management for customers in the enterprise and embedded market. Many of his projects turned into showcases for the successful use of modern software technology. As one of the leading Windows Embedded specialists he speaks at international developer conferences and universities about application and system development using the newest Microsoft Technologies. For his work on educational methods and content for developers as... more

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