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Building Your First Dossier in MicroStrategy

by Erik Whitaker

Learn how to create MicroStrategy dossiers that will enable you to visualize and explore the data within your organization.

What you'll learn

A core facet of business intelligence is the ability to present data in a visual or graphical manner that invites exploration. In this course, Building Your First Dossier in MicroStrategy, you'll gain the ability to visualize and explore your data using the MicroStrategy Dossier. First, you'll learn what a dossier is and how to import data into it. Next, you'll discover how to use data visualizations to help bring your data to life. Finally, you'll explore how to apply filters to the dossier along with how to create custom objects and groups. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of dossier creation needed to create your very first dossier in MicroStrategy. Software required: MicroStrategy v10.4 or later.

About the author

With nearly 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Erik has worked on a multitude of BI technologies including MicroStrategy, Power BI, Tableau, SSRS and SSIS. In his current role he works as an administrator and developer for the MicroStrategy Intelligence platform on a large-scale enterprise installation spanning multiple servers across multiple environments. He has a passion for teaching and loves training new users.

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