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Calculating Cell Values with Formulas

by Pratheerth Padman

In this course, Calculating Cell Values with Formulas, you'll learn to implement various types of functions and formulas, followed by methods to monitor and debug them.

What you'll learn

The power and capabilities of Microsoft Excel stem primarily from the things it can do with functions and formulas. As such, learning how to implement, debug, and monitor them becomes an invaluable skill.

This course, Calculating Cell Values with Formulas, aims to help you through that maze.

The first three modules deal with the implementation of functions and formulas to deal with things like performing calculations with aggregate functions, performing logical and statistical operations, referencing and serializing dates and times, and looking up data in Excel.

In the fourth and fifth modules, you’ll focus on troubleshooting and auditing these formulas. You'll explore techniques like tracing precedents and dependents, monitoring cells and formulas with Watch Window, etc.

When you're finished with this course, you'll know how to implement and troubleshoot functions and formulas in Excel.

About the author

Pratheerth is a Data Scientist who has entered the field after an eclectic mix of educational and work experiences. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering in Mechatronics from India, Masters in Engineering Management from Australia and then a couple of years of work experience as a Production Engineer in the Middle East. Then when the A.I bug bit him, he dropped everything to dedicate his life to the field. He is currently working on mentoring, course creation and freelancing as a Data Scientist.

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