CCSP®: Cloud Architecture and Concepts

by Kevin Henry

This course will provide you with an understanding of the challenges you will face and your responsibilities to ensure secure cloud deployments. This includes understanding what the cloud is and the risks and opportunities it presents,

What you'll learn

Many organizations struggle with understanding the various cloud models and knowing which cloud architecture is best for them.

In this CCSP Training course, CCSP®: Cloud Architecture and Concepts, you will learn the various cloud models, deployments, and essential characteristics.

  • First, you will explore foundational knowledge about the concept of cloud-based deployments.
  • Next, you will learn the security principles of cloud computing.
  • Finally, you will discover how to evaluate cloud providers.
When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of cloud security needed to deploy secure cloud-based information systems.

Course FAQ

What will I learn in this CCSP Training course?

In this CCSP Training course, you will learn the various cloud models, deployments, and essential characteristics.

You will also:

  • Cover the core concepts of cloud-based deployments
  • Learn about the cloud computing security principles 
  • And learn how to provide cloud provider evaluation
What is cloud architecture?

Cloud architecture is the creation of IT environments that contain an integration of individual technologies, intended to store and share resources across a network. Cloud architects aim to leverage cloud resources to solve business problems.

What are some benefits of this CCSP Training?

As many organizations are using cloud‑based services, it's important that we know cloud computing concepts and architecture, the security principles of cloud computing, and how to evaluate cloud providers. From this course you will gain an essential understanding of the requirements to protect data and systems in the cloud.

Who is this CCSP Training course for?

This course is for those with intermediate level knowledge of CCSP, anyone who is interested in understanding secure cloud deployments or those who are preparing for cloud security architecture certification.

About the author

Kevin Henry is a well-known and respected educator and lecturer in the fields of information security and audit. Kevin uses his more than 30 years of practical experience as a network technician, computer programmer, and information systems auditor to deliver outstanding presentations that make each topic interesting, relevant, and useful. Often described by students as "The best instructor I have ever had," Kevin has the ability to provide quality instruction that engages the audience and provi... more

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