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Cisco Edge Network Design for CCDA DESGN (200-310)

by Leigh Bogardis

This course series will be designed for those network engineers interested in getting into network design vs. network implementation/maintenance.

What you'll learn

At the beginning of every network life sits a network designer who must weigh the requirements of the future network applications and put forth a design that will fulfill those requirements with the resources available. In this course, Cisco Edge Network Design for CCDA DESGN (200-310), you'll explore the options and knowledge needed to define and design a Branch office or update the Edge network for your clients. First, you'll learn about WAN connections and what technologies exist for you to connect to the enterprise Edge. Next, you'll discover Edge connectivity and the tools and techniques to keep those connections operating reliably and resiliently. Finally, you'll explore Branch office requirements, from the WAN to the LAN, paying attention to products and technologies. By the end of this course, you'll be much more confident and knowledgeable about designing your first Branch office.

About the author

Leigh cut his teeth on frame relay and ATM at the turn of the century, moved on to SDH and DWDM for the new millennium, returned to TCP/IP in 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunities offered him by various clients and companies. Currently focusing on network design and architecture, as well as virtualization and security.

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