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Managing Xcode Project Dependencies with CocoaPods

by Andrew Bancroft

More than ever before, developers are faced with the challenges of managing their reliance on third-party libraries to improve productivity and build cutting-edge apps. This course is an exploration in project dependency management for apps that are developed for Apple platforms using a popular dependency manager called CocoaPods.

What you'll learn

CocoaPods is one of the most popular and well-established dependency managers for apps that are developed for OS X, iOS, and even watchOS and tvOS! This course will guide you through the core concepts of dependency management. You will learn how to use CocoaPods to organize third-party libraries and improve your productivity. The course also covers the process of creating CocoaPod libraries and how to share your innovation with the world. Finally, you will see how CocoaPods can enable you to share code with your development team by hosting a private repository, accessible only by your organization.

Table of contents

About the author

Andrew Bancroft is a born learner, passionate about discovery and about sharing what he’s learned with others. He is a software developer for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an agricultural research institution located in the heart of southern Oklahoma. His day job keeps him busy programming ASP.NET and iOS applications supporting the various business and scientific endeavors of the Foundation. Andrew has embraced Swift for iOS development since day zero, and loves empowering developers to ... more

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