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DevOps as a Force Multiplier for Agile: CodeMash

by CodeMash

CodeMash 2020 | DevOps as a Force Multiplier for Agile | Nate Berent-Spillson

What you'll learn

Applying DevOps to Agile increases your terminal velocity forever. DevOps clears the field of bottlenecks so you are able to work effectively without falling into productivity constraints. In this session, Nate Berent-Spillson will teach you the art of making DevOps your ultimate Agile force multiplier. You will learn how to go faster by automating every instance and evolving a product over time with continuous testing, kick legacy processes to the curb to ensure no one in your organization waits on the dev process ever again, and make decisions based on data to achieve a feedback loop that powers products release after release.

Table of contents

DevOps as a Force Multiplier for Agile

About the author

CodeMash is a unique event that educates developers on current practices, methodologies and technology trends in variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby and PHP. Held every January at the lush Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, attendees will be able to attend a world-class technical conference amid Ohio’s largest indoor waterpark. Nobody will frown if you show up in shorts, sandals, and your loudest t-shirt. You might even win a prize for doing so. It’s not just ... more

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