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Commvault® Core Fundamentals

by Frank Celauro

Discover the fundamental concepts of how to successfully manage Commvault® software. This self-paced course presents operational functions related to the CommCell® Console, and you'll gain a strong understanding of CommCell administration.

What you'll learn

Are you someone who uses Commvault® software and needs to learn more about how to use and maximize the core components? If so then this course, Commvault® Core Fundamentals, is for you. First, you'll walk through CommCell administration before doing an in-depth look at storage policies, configuration, and media management. Next, you'll learn about client administration along with data protection and recovery. Finally, you'll explore what is required to monitor a CommCell Environment. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to use and maximize efficiency with Commvault® Core Fundamentals.

About the author

Frank Celauro is the Manager of Curriculum Development for Commvault Education Services. He began his career with Commvault in 2005 as a technical instructor. Transitioning to a content development role, he has authored both the Commvault Storage Policies and Commvault Concepts and Design Strategies books, as well as the Commvault Master Class. Working with a team of expert eLearning designers, content developers, and editors, previously he authored or assisted in the development of the entire c... more

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