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Crash Course on Google Cloud Platform

by Mattias Andersson

An efficient introduction to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including its general structure and a quick look at each service.

What you'll learn

Have you been curious about the Google Cloud Platform? Maybe asking yourself whether it deserves your attention but never having enough time to do more than just wonder? Well, if you can carve out just a couple of hours, this is the crash course for you!

This course is meant to be a very efficient introduction to the Google Cloud Platform. Topics include how GCP is designed, its general structure, and the various services--but not just a couple of them! This course gives you a quick look at the main points of each service in GCP, including how it connects to the others and how you get charged for it.

Because the coverage is very broad, this course can also be a helpful review for people who want to become a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. But this course is not about certification; it’s all about the Google Cloud Platform, from end to end.

About the author

Mattias Andersson, Principal Developer Advocate at Pluralsight (and previously with A Cloud Guru), is an expert in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and software development practices. Mattias is passionate about continuous learning and has helped train hundreds of thousands of cloud engineers by sharing his knowledge and experience through his courses. And through his videos and articles, he has also helped guide the careers of hundreds of thousands more.

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