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Creating an API with Rails 5

by Nitin Singh

This course will help you be able to implement token authentication, support multiple response formats, and build complex responses, all while keeping your app future proof and performant with pagination, API versioning, and GraphQL support.

What you'll learn

This course, Creating an API with Rails, will enable you to create elegant, predictable, and fast APIs for your app that are extensible and secure.

First, you will explore how to authenticate the APIs that your app is exposing. You will see both basic HTTP authentication and the JWT token authentication approach.

Next, you will learn how to provide different response formats like HTML, JSON, etc from a controller. You will then learn how to serialize the models in your app to JSON and how to use the Jbuilder tool to create complex JSON responses that involve multiple resources all the while keeping the code clean and easy to modify.

Finally, you will learn how to make your APIs future proof by adding support for pagination, API versioning, and alternative ways of querying and serving data using tools like GraphQL and Graphiti.

When you are finished with this course, you will be very comfortable creating APIs in Rails that can not only support multiple complex response formats but are secure, elegant, fast, and extensible.

About the author

Nitin is a full stack developer with over 10+ years of experience developing world class apps and SDKs that are used and loved by millions of users. He is currently working on creating the first Remote Job search engine at Remote Only Engineers:

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