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Creating Responsive Layouts in Xamarin.Forms

by Jared Rhodes

Modern application development means creating applications for a plethora of different devices. This course will teach you how to create responsive layouts for those devices with Xamarin.Forms.

What you'll learn

Phones and Tablets come in all different shapes in sizes and there are more variations as time goes on. In this course, Creating Responsive Layouts in Xamarin.Forms, you’ll learn to create responsive applications that work on all the different types of interface sizes. First, you’ll explore different device types and form factors supported by Xamarin.Forms, and how the Xamarin.Forms API exposes that information. Next, you’ll discover the different types of layouts in Xamarin.Forms and when to use which ones in which scenarios. Finally, you’ll learn how to create responsive layouts in XAML with the previously mentioned layouts. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of layouts in Xamarin.Forms needed to create responsive apps.

About the author

Jared Rhodes has been working in technology for about 10 years. When he started his education, he didn't consider any of the aspects of software development. For his major, he studied physics. Once he graduated, the job market thought his skills were geared towards software development more than physics. His career started at a solar power installer. It was the same as most careers, fixing web pages and batch jobs. After that, he moved into insurance for a year writing a rating engine to give ra... more

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