Expanded Library

C# Collections Fundamentals

by Simon Robinson

Starting from arrays and progressing to lists, dictionaries, and sets, this course covers the capabilities of the various collection types, how they work under the hood, and performance implications.

What you'll learn

This course aims to empower you to take advantage of the surprisingly rich set of collections that are available in C#. You'll learn how to use the various collection types to store data as arrays, lists, dictionaries, linked lists, or sets, as well as how to customize collection behavior in C#. You'll also learn how many of these types work under the hood and the implications for performance. This course also covers enumerators and the collection interfaces.

Table of contents

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About the author

Simon is a senior developer with over 20 years programming experience, particularly covering C++ and the .NET Framework. He believes knowledge is to be shared and has written or co-written more than a dozen books for professional programmers.

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